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Sweet Tooth Logo (Complex).jpg

SWEET TOOTH is a creative collective currently comprised of Avi Abrams, Ben Leit, Ryan Mayhan, Jake Sasfai, & Matt Swire.

Okay, so what's a creative collective?

We're a group of multi-faceted and imaginative professionals who (together) have formed a team.

Like the United Nations, or the Avengers.

Is SWEET TOOTH a band? Definitely. 

We've had the recent pleasure of playing SOB's and The Wild Project. We play a mix of covers & originals.

But we're also:

a cohort of producers, a troupe of actors, a company of directors, a group of close friends, & a handful of personalities.

Everybody has a SWEET TOOTH.

We suspect you do, too.

We humbly invite you to follow our journey on Instagram to see what we're up to next & what the future holds.

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